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Classy, Cool, and Crypto Walk Into a Bar …

Today we’d like to highlight a very upscale yet casual corporate event that we planned for FIS Global, a Fortune 500 company providing financial and technological services worldwide!

FIS decided to hold an event in Austin since their employees were already in town for a cryptocurrency festival, the Consensus Summit! So, we partnered up to be their “boots on the ground” for the execution of their event.

They wanted to throw something “elevated, modern, and cool” to bring all of their employees together. Luckily, the venue they chose, the Speakeasy in Downtown Austin, is the absolute embodiment of those 3 things! Their bar was fully stocked, the contemporary-industrial architecture was such a unique aesthetic, and the atmosphere was fun and interactive. It was the perfect setup for FIS to promote casual socializing and brand awareness.

To dress up the space, we brought in Brighter Side Event Lighting. They brought two gobo lights to project two of their brand logos, Worldpay and Primetrust! Although this event was by FIS, they mainly wanted to promote their payment processing system, Worldpay, and their financial infrastructure provider, Primetrust as the two brands in partnership with FIS. They really emphasized this with their cute matching drink koozies from Groove Labs, too.

Then, Premiere Events Rentals came in and started setting up several spaces, including perhaps the coolest spot on the premises: the Whiskey Tasting bar! We got special decor and glasses so that guests could get a professional experience when they visited this bar.

MirMir brought in a sleek-looking photo booth that everyone loved! Once the event was open, we saw a constant line of guests trying to take a bunch of pictures. It was so much fun!

The coolest piece of branding was definitely the burgers that Crave Catering made. They served a variety of top-notch appetizers, but the burgers were special because the buns were literally branded with a logo iron. It was just the perfect combination of functional promo and yummy bites.

Bat City Beats did such a great job DJing this event. They handled any and every A/V aspect of the event, and looked extremely cool playing their tunes on the stage of the Speakeasy, where plenty of local Austin artists have played before.

At the end, the Speakeasy opened back up to the public and plenty of employees stayed to keep hanging out, even though their event was over. They loved drinking and talking in this space, especially in the comfy lounge rentals and at the bar. Almost the entire venue was packed with conversations all day long and it was so fulfilling to see people fully enjoying themselves!

Thank you to FIS for partnering with us for a great corporate event!

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