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Happy 40th Birthday Lauren... You Don't Look A Day Over 39!

The stage was set, music was flowing, and the neon sign illuminated - it was time for Lauren's "Basic B!**h" bash, a 40th birthday party like no other! Lauren, one of the owners of Eclipse Event Co., decided to plan her own fabulous celebration and enlisted the help of the talented team at ACL Weddings, ensuring every detail was pure perfection on the day of.

As the clock struck 3:00 PM, the Riley Building came alive with excitement. The venue was transformed into the most BASIC THING YOU EVER SAW! From the chic cocktail tables to the irresistibly adorable pink lounge furniture, thoughtfully provided by Premiere Events, every detail fell effortlessly into place. The dedicated vendors worked tirelessly, pouring heart and soul into bringing Lauren's dream to vivid reality.

With a culinary lineup that would make any foodie's heart skip a beat, Root Cellar Catering served up an array of mouthwatering delights. The Avocado Toast Bar stole the show, featuring an assortment of toppings that could make anyone's Instagram feed jealous. Not to be outdone, the Taco Bar brought the flavors of the streets to the party, leaving guests in taco bliss. And let's not forget the Acai Parfait Bar, a refreshing and healthy treat that was both delicious and picture-perfect.

Lets not forget about the sweets! Fancy Fluff showcased their incredible churros, offering flavors like Butter Cream, Nutella, Peach Habanero, and Dulce de Leche, the perfect indulgence for any sweet tooth.

Amazing Ice Designs got creative with a funny ice sculpture, cleverly designed to cool down drinks by pouring down the middle of the ice. With Specs providing the libations, drinks flowed freely, and the party was in full swing!

The evening was a feast for the senses, starting with the incredible DJ from Bat City Beats, who flew in just for the occasion, kept everyone grooving to the beat. Meanwhile, the talented Vogue Vignette sketch artist turned guests into fashion-forward works of art.

But that's not all! The highlight of the night was the mesmerizing performance by Extragrams, where glamorous drag queens Kerry Lynn and Neema dazzled the crowd with their larger-than-life personalities and stunning performances. The rooftop air was filled with laughter, cheers, and lots and I mean LOTS of Taylor Swift music.

With meticulous planning, Lauren ensured her guests would have the time of their lives. MirMir's delightful photo booth provided a delightful avenue to capture silly and cherished moments with friends, while Creature Coffee served up aromatic brews, keeping everyone energized and enthralled throughout the night.

As the clock struck 11:00 PM, the party started winding down. With tears of joy and laughter, guests bid farewell to an epic night. Happy Birthday, Lauren! Your "Basic B!**h" bash was everything and more, thanks to the incredible vendors who turned your dream into a reality. Here's to many more years of fabulousness, laughter, and love!


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