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A Holiday Party with R-O at Speakeasy Austin

Happy Thursday! Today we’d like to highlight a Holiday Cocktail Party that our planner & co-owner, Kristi, planned on behalf of Rogers-O'Brien Construction. We’re lucky to have had not one… not two… but THREE corporate events with them last year! And this was the final cherry on top. The Rogers-O’Brien team wanted to host a fun, laid back party for everyone and their plus-ones to enjoy as they entered the holiday season. What better way to get an intimate & fun party going than to have it at a Speakeasy?

Speakeasy Austin is located on Congress Ave, just by Austin’s Capitol. It’s a venue that’s got everything you need for a party - a cool downtown location, a loaded bar with friendly bartenders, and super skilled caterers!

The first vendor to arrive was DJ Edge with Byrne Rock Mobile DJ. As he completed A/V & Lighting, the Speakeasy staff got started prepping the tables and food. That’s when we, the Eclipse team, arrived to put on the finishing touches like candles and raffle prizes.

As guests arrived, we greeted them with raffle tickets and an open bar! With that combination, it was instantly a good time. As the event continued, Speakeasy’s catering team opened up the dinner stations, which had delicious Southern & Cajun-style food.

Guests were also encouraged to take pictures together at the Photo Booth brought by Greenbelt DJ, where they had lots of cute Holiday-themed props!

Just before the event ended, Rogers-O’Brien began their raffle. It was a blast! They gave away lots of huge prizes like wine gift cards, airline gift cards, and last but not least, TWO pizza ovens! Now THAT is a solid Christmas gift. They spent the rest of the night singing, dancing, mingling, and having a good time amidst the holiday spirit. We were lucky to get pictures of the whole party captured by our friends at PhotoHouse Films.

Once the night was over, some guests stayed downtown to keep partying, while others went home safely. Everyone really enjoyed the event, shown by the laughs and drinks shared all night. We are so thankful to Rogers-O’Brien for partnering with us time and time again, especially for this holiday party! They are such a joy to work with. And thank you to our entire team of vendors who put on this party! The food, lighting, music, photos, and entertainment was outstanding, and we couldn’t have made it happen without the entire team’s effort.

Until next time, take it (speak) easy!

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