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Beckett Electrical 20th Anniversary Party

Once upon a starry Texan night, under the sprawling canopy of Austin's Q2 Stadium, something truly magical was afoot. It was July 13, 2023, and the Beckett Electrical family was preparing to mark two glorious decades of electrifying success. Their 20th anniversary celebration was destined to be a night of unforgettable memories and boundless joy.

The masterminds behind this corporate extravaganza were none other than the creative Lauren with Eclipse Event Co. With their meticulous planning and keen eye for detail, they promised a night that would be etched into the annals of Beckett Electrical's history.

The Q2 Stadium, a modern marvel in its own right, served as the perfect canvas for this grand spectacle. Shorty's Wraps had transformed it with their dazzling vinyl creations, adding an air of sophistication and style that hinted at the grandeur within.

As the clock struck 2:00 PM, the venue buzzed with activity, with Lauren Maria Photo's talented photographers capturing every fleeting moment, ensuring that no memory would be lost. But it wasn't just about photos. The MirMir photo booth beckoned guests to let loose and strike poses, creating mementos that would forever remind them of this remarkable night.

To help get the party going some of the staff were surprised by custom merch, and leather branded koozies, making all the details even more personable.

But the real fun began when Sparks Agency set up a cowboy hat station, where attendees embraced their inner Texan, donning hats of all shapes and sizes.

And oh, the food! Levi Restaurant laid out a sumptuous feast, offering a tantalizing array of dishes to satisfy every palate. Appetizers, entrees, and desserts flowed in abundance, making taste buds dance with delight.

The party never lost its rhythm, thanks to Blind Date, Q2 Field Club Band, and the John Prather Band, all setting the stage on fire. Both bands ensured there was never a dull moment, keeping the dance floor alive and kicking all day long.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, a collective gasp went through the crowd. It was time for the pièce de résistance, a dazzling fireworks display by Big Dog Pyro. Explosions of color lit up the night, casting a spell over everyone present.

As the night deepened, Heard Global's mastery of lighting and AV elevated the experience to a whole new level. The visuals and soundscapes they conjured were nothing short of magical.

The climax of the evening arrived, a champagne toast led by Maureen. Guests gathered outside, the stadium bathed in soft, golden light. Bubbles danced in crystal flutes as everyone raised their glasses, marking a poignant end to an evening of celebration and reflection.

The Beckett Electrical 20th Anniversary party was not just a corporate gathering; it was a story written in laughter, music, and shared moments. It was a night where vendors, planners, and attendees came together to create a chapter in the history of a remarkable company. Here's to Beckett Electrical, a beacon of success for the past two decades, and to the many more years of achievements and celebrations that lie ahead. Cheers to the magic of anniversaries!


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