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Empower 40 Over 40 Celebration: A Night of Fun and Fabulousness!

In the heart of downtown Austin, the stage was set for an evening filled with celebration and elegance. The Empowered Over 40 Celebration, hosted at the stylish W Austin, paid tribute to exceptional women over 40 who inspire with their strength and beauty. This annual event, orchestrated by the dynamic Felicia Reed Photography, is a testament to her belief in the Empower 40 Over 40 campaign. It champions the idea that age is merely a number and encourages everyone to pursue their dreams relentlessly. Whether you’re 20 or 80, it’s never too late to make an impact.

To start the day strong, the W Austin team and the talented folks at Golden Petals Flower Shop worked their magic, turning the ballroom into a haven of elegance and charm. By afternoon, Stacy and her crew from Eclipse Event Co. swooped in, making sure every detail was primed for the evening’s grand affair.

As the guests started arriving, Brio Photography and Come and Shoot It videography were ready to capture every magical moment. From candid laughter to posed elegance, they ensured no memory was left undocumented.

The party was rocking with DJ Kay Cali spinning lively tunes, drinks flowing freely, and the Say Cheese Photobooth snapping non-stop, capturing guests at their absolute best!

All this excitement sure brought an appetite. The catering team from The W Austin rolled in with a mouthwatering buffet. Crab cakes, samosas, burrata toast – the menu was a hit! 

The room's energy peaked as sponsors were thanked and inspiring messages  echoed from the stage! Yet, the pinnacle of the night arrived with the celebration of 40 remarkable women over 40. They were celebrated with applause and admiration, culminating in a group photo on the dance floor.

As the evening drew to a close, the DJ played the final song, and the photo booth captured its last memory, making the Empowered 40 Over 40 Celebration a spectacular success! It was a night filled with laughter, elegance, and empowerment. Here’s to the incredible women over 40 – may their strength and beauty continue to inspire us all!


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