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Keep Collectiv Weird

Being based in Austin means that our planners are practically local experts that know where to host authentically “Austin” events. That’s exactly what Collectiv was looking for when they wanted to gather all of their remote employees to Austin for a trip! They partnered up with Super Neat Marketing to bring in a camera crew and work with our planner, Lauren, to make sure their employees would have the best experience possible while in town. The motto of their trip was “Keep Collectiv Weird”!

The Collectiv team stayed at the Marriott Austin Downtown, which was a mere 3-minute walk from their filming location, the Sunset Room. The Sunset Room is a funky, cool venue in the heart of downtown, so its proximity to their hotel deemed this location perfect!

Wednesday morning, we dressed up the space with luxurious rentals from Panacea to create a comfy lounge background in the Sunset Room. Then, Collectiv brought in their camera crew to film everyone’s individual interviews. Afterwards, the team went out to have dinner at our recommended spot, Irene’s. Before contracting Lauren, the team was unfamiliar with the Austin area, but once we came onboard, we helped out with a lot of vendor sourcing!

Thursday was much busier, since this was the day of their All Hands Meeting, where they got to round up all of the Collectiv team in one place for filming. Bat City Beats came by to manage AV setup at the Sunset Room, a vendor we know and love. The camera crew stayed around afterwards to capture some of the fun moments, like when the Collectiv employees all came in Metrocycle Pedicabs to arrive at their Thursday night social!

We set up their space at Bar Peached with linens from Premiere Events, balloons from Pop and Drop, and lighting from Brighter Side Event Lighting. Their feedback was overwhelmingly positive - especially because the location was the perfect blend of an outdoorsy feel combined with the bustling city surroundings. We had awesome live music from John Prather Music and a fun activity from Hat Box, which was a hit! Guests kept telling us the hats were so fun, really unique, and were happy to be supporting small amazing businesses like them.

Collectiv was incredibly grateful for our services, since we gave them lots of helpful advice and vendor connections to local Austin businesses. Whether it’s a wedding or corporate event, it’s always important to us, as a small business, to advertise Austin companies that we love and know deserve the world! Thank you for including us in your trip, Collectiv!


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