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Lauren and Rob’s 10-Year Anniversary!

Lauren and Rob wanted a party worthy of celebrating 10 whole years together. So, our very own planners and co-owners, Lauren and Kristi, pulled together an A-team of vendors to create this special social event: an anniversary weekend celebration! Kristi was on-site coordinating Lauren’s vision that she had spent the last year and a half planning. The end result was a weekend full of fun memories with the family and friends that the couple held dearest.

Since Lauren and Rob originally tied the knot at Horseshoe Bay Resort, it was only fitting that they host their anniversary party there, too. To make their guests feel like they were going on a distant tropical vacation far from home, the couple sent out these beautiful island-inspired invitations created by The Inviting Pear.

Friday’s White Party at the Shoreline Lawn served as a big Welcome Party for Lauren and Rob to greet not only their adult friends, but also their kids! That way, their own children, Lacey and Logan, could play with other children and overall create a great family-friendly atmosphere. While the adults took advantage of the refreshing Aperol Spritz and appetizers from Horseshoe Bay’s catering team, the children were all obsessed with the outdoor games from Austin Yard Games. Before long, the night was over and it was time for everyone to get rest for Saturday’s event.

The real celebration was Saturday’s Anniversary Party! Lauren recreated the tropical yellow-and-teal theme from their wedding and implemented some upgrades for her anniversary party with rentals from Premiere Events, BBJ Linens, and Moontower Rentals. Lastly, those furniture pieces and linens were perfectly complemented with gorgeous (as usual) floral arrangements from Kitsch Event Styling. The party vibes were on!

Now let’s move onto the most important details: drinks and food! Lauren prepped the bar with plenty of red wine, champagne, rose, and a case of White Claw specifically for Kristi. LOL! As for the food, Lauren and Rob knew they had to have Jamaican Jerk Chicken, since that was the food they ate when they got engaged in Jamaica. Root Cellar Catering did an amazing job with that chicken, the oyster bar, and everything else they served.

When people started arriving, they were served passed apps and invited to take pictures at MirMir’s Photo Booth. And of course, they also had all of these lovely photos (as seen in this blog) taken by Lauren Maria, a longtime friend of Lauren’s!

Everyone spent the night dancing and having fun, especially enhanced with the lively energy brought by Lauren’s favorite band, Cap City Band. It was just the kind of celebration that Lauren and Rob deserved for their 10-year anniversary! At the end of the night, everyone was safely taken back to their hotel on shuttles from Capital City Limousine.

Their fun weekend came to a close with a Goodbye Brunch the following morning. Lauren and Rob had such a great time, and so did their guests! Weeks later, they were still talking about it and particularly remembering how amazing the band was. Cap City Band was just that good! Thank you to each and every vendor that contributed to this event, since it was such an important one to the Chumbleys. And congratulations to Lauren and Rob for reaching 10 years together!

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