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Positive Energy in a Humid Climate

In May, we planned a progressive, collaborative learning experience at the Austin Public Library: the Humid Climate Conference (HCC)! The HCC is a biannual conference for architects, engineers, designers, and builders to learn all about making better buildings for the environment.

Ironically, the two-day event landed on two extremely humid days in Austin! LOL.

Professionals and trade partners alike were invited to participate in the conversation of how to improve building systems. They talked about energy efficiency, better materials, building seals, social changes, construction changes, and much more! For anyone interested in learning more, definitely check out the HCC website.

Eclipse’s planner, Amy Wilson, partnered with Positive Energy, who typically hosts the event, to plan it. This was especially important since the last conference was supposed to happen in 2020. This 2022 conference was the first time they were able to put on this event since 2018! And of course, there were covid safety measures implemented for those who wanted to use them. Cognitive Films came to set up live streaming for online attendees, and we provided plenty of masks and hand sanitizer at all times.

Speaking of the attendees, you may know a few of them! Guests and presenters came from companies like Mitsubishi Electric, Terracon, Indoor Air Quality of TX, and of course PHIUS, the nonprofit allied with HCC!

Shoutout to the Passive House Austin team (our PHIUS representatives), who were the biggest contributors to the planning of this event - Eric from Positive Energy, David from Form to Finish, and Trey from Forge Craft Architecture.

At 6:30am on Monday morning, our vendor team was loading in all of their equipment at the Austin Public Library. Premiere Event Rentals set up everybody’s tables and linens for the networking EXPO, while Austin Catering brought out the morning food and beverages. By 7am, the presentation space and lobby was all done! Guests started rolling in and the EXPO was immediately underway. We saw builders, engineers, and consultants start up conversations about products and techniques for building - and they were all glowing with positive energy! Pun majorly intended! LOL.

Then began the presentations. Their keynote speakers talked about things like “Passive Building”, “Reducing Carbon Emissions”, “Hot Humid Climates”, and plenty more. Day 2 was mostly the same, with a total of about 150 guests that came both days.

One of the most interesting parts of the event was the library tour! The Austin Public Library had a guide tell us all about the building and its history, which the guests absolutely loved. If you didn’t know, the library is actually a highly efficient environmentally friendly building. It’s a LEED Platinum building, which means it received a high ranking according to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification program. The architectural design allows for so much natural light, efficient air flow, and solar energy to run as sustainably as possible.

During the tours, the guests constantly asked questions about the building’s architecture, social design, and building systems. They were so enthralled by the interactive tour, which allowed them to study the HVAC system and get inspiration from the sustainable maintenance design. It was truly a highlight of the conference that the out-of-town visitors really enjoyed!

Throughout the entire event, Austin Catering provided a variety of food options, including vegetarian options! We really appreciated their commitment to making yummy food available all day.

The Austin Public Library had several contributions to enhance this event’s experience. First of all, it’s a learning environment literally designed to set the space up for open-mindedness and a willingness to listen. Second, it’s in downtown, which means it is in a great location for people who don’t know the Austin area. Lastly, the architecture of the space is simply beautiful. It’s modern, clean, full of natural light, and such a great space to admire. It’s just what the Humid Climate Conference needed. We are so thankful to APL and HCC for working with us on such a cool event!

Also, this was the very last event that Amy Wilson planned with Eclipse. She’s an icon who’s been with us for 5 years, but moved on to work on her own event management business. We’re sad to see her go, but so happy for everything she’s accomplished and will do in her future! Goodbye Amy and thank you for doing a great job with this awesome event!


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