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Visa’s 2022 Holiday Celebration

We’re back at it again with another Visa Corporate Event! Must be because Lauren keeps putting on really cool events with them, right? And their end-of-the-year holiday party was no exception. In order to keep their anticipated 1000+ guests happy, Lauren pulled together as many vendors as possible, who all provided endless fun. Let’s get into it, shall we?

First, we have to talk about the space that we played dress up with. Visa’s HQ is a spacious place, with plenty of indoor and outdoor areas available for various purposes. Unique Design and Events provided the draping to provide the first base layer of decor, which was followed by all of the gorgeous lounge rentals setup by Panacea. Kitsch Event Styling put up festive balloons all over the indoor areas, while Austin Yard Games dropped off fun outdoor games to keep everyone entertained. After all of that setup, the party was ready for action!

Now let’s talk about the live vendors on-site. When the guests arrived through the front doors, they were greeted with classy music from Texas Sun Music and the opportunity to take photos at Kitsch Event Styling’s photo booth. Just by the booth was a huge assortment of chocolates and mocktails by Visa’s catering team, as well as fresh coffee from Creature Coffee. And that’s only covering everything at the entrance!

The busiest room was definitely the Zach Room, which had food from Visa’s catering team, drinks by Sourced Craft Cocktails, and live fashion sketches from Vogue Vignette. Whew! It was packed, but for good reason. The food, drinks, and personal portraits were all amazing and everybody wanted to partake. But, for those who wanted to get a little more lit, they could just walk down the hallway to find the party party.

The dance party room was DJ’ed by none other than our bestie, Neema from Bat City Beats! He never fails to play what the crowd wants to dance to. And we even had another bar there to give people liquid courage if they needed it, LOL. Man, are we lucky that Rachael Hall was our photographer, since she got so many amazing photos, especially the ones showing all the party people in action!

Lastly, the courtyard! Right at the entrance, Blind Date performed popular hits to amp up the fun while being right by the Unknown Legend Earth Friendly Glitter Bar. Doesn’t everyone look cute all glammed up by them? Adorable!

One of the coolest parts was the candy apples that The Cupcake Bar made. Their little candy apple bar was beyond cute, where they cut, drizzled and decorated apples to give out to the guests. The glitter and flair was so festive, and we were so happy to see this unique dessert get so much attention!

All in all, each area was quite large and constantly bustling with people taking advantage of the many available activities. We were overjoyed seeing every area so busy, since it meant that each of the guests were truly enjoying themselves! Shoutout to all of our vendors who worked this event - your hard work was what made this event such a success! And thank you to Visa for being a continued partner, it really means the world to us to be able to participate in large-scale, fun-filled events like these. Goodbye until next time, reader!

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