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Yeehaw! Glia Technologies Wraps Up a Texan Tale in Austin!

Once upon a time, in the heart of Austin, Texas, there lived a tech-savvy bunch known as Glia Technologies. They were masters of algorithms and wizards with data, but on July 11, 2023, they decided to end their conference with an awards dinner.

The sun was high in the Texas sky when the day began. With the promise of a wild Texas night ahead, Sunbelt Rentals arrived at high noon, bearing a 25-ton AC unit. This behemoth of coolness would be their savior in the scorching Texan heat. Meanwhile, Kristi with Eclipse Event Co. transformed Bar Mansion into a Texan wonderland, setting up tables, chairs, and even faux wooden walls, all ready for a hoedown.

At the stroke of 2:00 PM, Eclipse Event Co. burst onto the scene, armed with centerpieces and bandana napkins that oozed Texan charm. And who better than Premier Austin DJ’s to set the musical backdrop for the night, complemented by 10 dazzling uplights in Glia's iconic shade of purple.

And just like that the scene was set and ready for the guests arrival. Ninja Buses pulled up at the Omni Austin Hotel Downtown, ready to whisk the Glia gang away. There's no grander entrance to a Texas soirée than rolling in on a Ninja Bus! The Texas spirit was alive and well as The Sparks Agency rode into town with their games, setting up Rollo-Roper and a Midway Games Package that included "Flapjack Fling," "Jail Break," "More Cowbell," "Test of Nerves," and "World Tour of Texas." The guests were in for a rootin' tootin' good time.

As the sun began to set, the Barr Mansion staff was passing around tantalizing appetizers. Fried zucchini feta fritters, melon spears with lime, chile, and sea salt, and flat iron meatballs had guests hollerin' for more. As their bellies filled with Texan delights, the moment everyone had been waiting for arrived - the Superlative Awards.

Silver Art Photography and Sunrise Media videography ran around all day to capture every Texan detail. The Barr Mansion gleamed under their lenses as they shot away, ensuring every memory was frozen in time.

But the evening was far from over. The Farmstead swung open its doors, and Barr Mansion Catering unveiled a sweet spectacle. Ice cream sandwiches and watermelon wine sorbet delighted taste buds, and all the while, The Caricature Artist, Fun Graphix was hard at work, crafting keepsakes destined to be cherished for a lifetime.

With dessert done and dusted, it was time for the transformation of the Artisan Ballroom. Tables were cleared, making space for the dance floor. Eclipse Event Co. worked their magic, moving centerpieces to the Farmstead, and the stage was set for some Texas two-steppin'.

The spirit of Texas filled the dance floor, igniting an energy that could only be found in the Lone Star State.

As the night gradually wound down, the buses made their triumphant return, ready to whisk the guests back to the Omni Hotel Downtown Austin.

And with that, dear readers, the enchanting tale of Glia Technologies' Texas-themed corporate extravaganza drew to a close. It had been a night of boots, barbecue, and boundless Texas merriment, all thanks to a remarkable team of vendors who sure knew how to throw a genuine Texan shindig. Until the next thrilling Texan adventure, y'all!


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