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Yeehaw! It’s a Site Matrix Party

To kick-off the Fall season, we gave a Texan-themed welcome to Site Matrix, a tech company that wanted to celebrate the launch of their new brand, Giant Panda. The owner, Rick, worked alongside Lauren to plan an exclusive and elaborate party for his VIP clients. Since a lot of them were international residents, the party was all about getting a taste of Texas. And Lauren, a lifelong Texan, was just the expert for the job! So let’s learn all about the behind-the-scenes of this awesome corporate event, captured by our friends at CC Photo Factory.

This event’s venue was The Sunset Room, which is right in the center of downtown Austin. And since we were expecting about 50-70 people, it was just the right amount of space to feel lively and bustling, but not too tight or overcrowded. It was the perfect corporate party spot!

First, Panacea Collective and Brighter Side Event Lighting came to set up their rentals, which really helped dress the indoor and outdoor space up! Lauren’s favorite part was definitely the amazing Whiskey Tasting setup, since there were a lot of design elements that went into creating the station. Then the vendors giving a taste of Texas arrived! Groove Labs brought in a Mechanical Bull, while on the outside patio, Ralph Fischer Animals came with an actual live Longhorn. It’s Texas, we had to give them cattle-related photo ops! LOL. The Sparks Agency also came in and created an armadillo racing pen and a chicken sh*t bingo pen. Yes, you did read that right, they had armadillo races and a live chicken who’s feces determined what bingo spot would be chosen. People loved it!

But the fun didn’t stop there! MirMir Photo Booth stationed their booth right by the bar to catch the eye of anybody getting drinks, while the band with John Prather Music got ready to perform classics all night. At this point, everybody was ready for action.

Models from Artisan Oddities came in to be the “party starters” of the night. So, the girls all came in cowgirl attire and started participating in all of the many, MANY activities at the event, which in turn, encouraged the guests to also participate! Within the first hour, the event was already full of energy and fun. We even had several passersby try to come in and join the party, since it looked fun from the outside, but we had to turn them away since it was a private event. </3

Perhaps the most visited attraction of the night was the Hat Box station, where their staff precisely measured each guest’s head and gave them a custom cowboy hat according to their dimensions. Not a person in sight was without a cowboy hat!

And the night would not have been complete without Crave Catering to serve the most delicious food!

We are incredibly appreciative of every vendor that came to create this event! It was so amazing to see our out-of-town guests enjoying every bit of our Texas-themed party (: Thank you to everyone who made this possible, and thank you to Site Matrix for trusting us with your event!

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